I'm aliiive!

First things first, the official SOTD is Alive by Sia cause I'm in love! 
Second, I am so very sorry for my absence but I've been really, really busy with a lot of stuff that I will surely talk about soon! Also, I had no access to a working computer whatsoever. So, as you know/ or not, I am back in Poland after having spent two wonderful months in the UK. This was the best summer ever and I need to figure out how to tell you about it: I'd like to divide this adventure into three parts - makeup new-ins, clothes new-ins, and generally description of what sweet kind of time it all was. :) I just need a couple of days to organize it all and you know, my uni's already started so I need to figure it all out. For now I can surely tell you I am so glad I had the chance to live in a foreign country and I'm definitely doing the same thing again next summer! I'm feeling happier and more self-confident, that's for sure!

How have you all been? Have you all been missing me? I hope so! Anyway, I'm not leaving you with only an apology, so here you have some new selfies that I took a few days back. I hope you enjoy them and see you soon once I'm back with a makeup new-ins post!

Oh yeah, I don't think I mentioned I am a brunette again? So yeah, that happened as well. :D

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