Body positivity, a cheeky OOTD, and vintage makeup! ❤︎

Hello everyone! How has your week been that far? I hope you've all been good! The official SOTD is Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy. Love this one, my blog title says it all. :)

Today, as the title suggest, I'd like to touch on something that has been bugging me for what feels like forever. Body shaming or rather body positivity as I want to focus on the good aspects and on how we should all love ourselves instead of getting the wrong idea.

I don't specifically like discussing such issues because everyone is opinionated in a way. You're either with me or against me. You are most likely to either think that all body types are beautiful and it's essential to love yourself or you claim that only skinny people are allowed to feel good in their skin. In which case you can leave my blog cause that's definitely not a view point that I'm gonna present or support. Now, just that we are absolutely clear here - I don't think that all skinny/ slim/ fit people are evil and they don't deserve happiness and they all should be gone blahblahblah. No. No. NO. Who I am going to be talking about are the people supporting the idea that fatter humans should either lose some weight or stop enjoying life. I've seen the worst on the Internet, and such points of view are not even on top of it all. And while some people are strong and find motivation is such bullshit talking, the others, including me, may get hurt, insecure, or even depressed cause that's how far it went in my case.

Why is body shaming socially acceptable? Why a skinny person eating ice cream/ pizza/ crisps/ whatever on their sofa while watching netflix is called cute and a fat person doing the same thing is considered lazy and gross? Why is that so, really?  What's the difference? If I decide to have a night with junk food, it doesn't necessarily mean that this is what I eat 24/7. And even if it like that, it's nobody's damn business. And don't you even try to start a but your health, lose some weight to stay healthy conversation with me. We're in absolutely no position to decide whether someone should change anything in their lifestyle or not. Even for the sake of their health. If you start talking like that to anybody, I can assure you it's gonna go down bad. It's gonna be the exact opposite of what you intend it to be. So please, stop. You're in no position. No.

Now, there's also a really common argument. Namely but it's not attractive at all, lose some weight so that the boys/girls will find you hot. Seriously? Well, first of all, who are we to speak for everyone? My idea of attractiveness may be a green haired, brown eyed, big lipped, tattooed all over type. And you don't necessarily have to enjoy these features. Repeat after me - the beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Period. And apart from that, what does the idea of attractiveness has to do with basic human interactions? Do we really have to find one another attractive to simply respect and be respected? I have so many friends that are not the example of the mass media idea of beauty and we're all freaking great and beautiful! Having good time. Guess what, there's no one right and universal idea of beauty. We're all gorgeous. Remember that, especially you, the person reading this, you're beautiful. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise or I'll get them!

I get a bit too emotional writing such posts but as a fatter person who's been laughed at her whole life I feel sensitive about this topic. I mean, I kind of get over it but it makes me sad there are young girls who, because of this stupid societal idea of beauty, think they're worthless. It breaks my heart because I've been there, I really have. It hurt. It made me avoid any parties or occasions of any sort because I just couldn't stop thinking of how awful I am and how I don't deserve to love myself. And guess what? The Internet has helped me a great deal. So, if you're struggling, here are some links to beautiful powerful people:

I swear, she's the most cheerful person in the world, it's thanks to her that I wear skirts and dresses and rock them pretty much. She's clearly helped me in fighting my hatemyself attitude. She's a queen!

Loey Lane.
She's the sweetest person in the world. As Sprinkleofglitter, she promotes self-love and confidence. It's important. She's a beautiful soul!

If you don't know her, go watch her tumblr. Seeing here gorgeous makeup skills, pretty face, and how confident and lovely she is is definitely the thing that's missing in your life!

Same story, basically. She's one sweet soul and her outfits are bomb! Her askbox is open and her replies make my heart melt!

So here you have it, your daily dose of self-love in case you need it. :) And now, to end it on an even happier note, let's watch my first lookbook ever! This is not anything specific, I didn't really accessorise since it was v hot yesterday, but here you have it, my kinda vintage look. Oh, I can only tell you that I bought this skirt in New Yorker, I got the shoes from my aunt so I don't know the brand, and the black top is from a local store but, honestly, any black top will do. :)

The sun was beautiful!

Same story. Beautiful sun ft. my perfect outfit and hair. ;)
This place might be my favourite!

Trying to be artistic. ;)

Obligatory sassy pose!

Some more serious modelling! :P

A selfie with Karolina cause she's gorgeous! Looook at my hair, it's her job! <3

Can we take a moment to appreciate the pure perfection of my vintage makeup?

And one more cause my liner looks too cool not to brag about it! 

So there you have it, that's the whole post. Wow, kinda long, huh? But really, despite it being extended, I don't think I've covered all the issues that matter, I'll go back to this topic soon so don't start saying 'eeeh, what about the fact that you don't need any boy or girl to validate you?'. True, I just kind of wasn't able to write about everything all at once. We'll get there, if you want to. :)
So, anyway, just to make sure we're all getting the right picture here:
1) We're all beautiful! All body types are cool, okay?
2) Respecting one another doesn't hurt and is really, really, really cool!
3) Loving yourself does not exclude loving others!
4) Did I mention you're beautiful? ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ 

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  1. Such a pretty outfit! You look great :)

    Sarah x

  2. Did I tell you how much I love you today? Because I do. Your hair is out of this world in this OotD, but I already told you that.

    I've known you for years, years and then some years again, even though from a distance. It's been wonderful to watch you progress and change for the better, getting rid of all the insecurities (or learning how to hide them, because we all have some) and learning to feel good about yourself. As someone who is on a pretty similar journey, I know how satisfying it feels.

    1. I love you! Thank you. I should be thanking you every day because you're the very person who understands me, who supports me always. And I'll support you, too, cause you're precious, you know that, right? :)

  3. This is such a great post! And I totally agree with what you're saying. People always make assumptions and act like they're doing bigger people a favour by making comments on their health. But as you said, on the other hand there are plenty of thin people who eat lots of junk food 24/7 but don't gain weight due to their metabolism, yet people won't be as harsh to them. And I'm sorry you've had to deal with people making you feel bad about yourself. I was a much bigger size in my teen years so I know the struggle, people felt like they could just make nasty comments just due to my size. I grew so self conscious (I still feel that way to an extent as stuff like that sticks with you). But either way, you look beautiful and there's definitely nothing wrong with how you look! Love the photos and outfit btw :)

    Amani xx

    1. Thank you, your feedback means a lot to me, I am really happy to have met you! I am also happy you share my point of view here. I simply would love people to respect one another. Whether we're fat or skinny, it's so important that we show respect and share love. As you said, this assumption that fatter people have to necessarily eat junk food 24/7 and skinny people are always healthy.. it's just unfair and not always true. I don't like the thinking that fat people cannot enjoy life until they lose some weight. Oh, them rambly rants of mine, haha. But seriously, let's just all respect one another and it's all gonna be fine. Thank you so much for your comment, Amani! xx

  4. You look stunning, dear! I love that you mentioned Loey, I adore her!

    You know how I feel about this issue and I wish there were more people addressing the effects of body shaming and encouraging others to love themselves.

    1. Thank you! And yes, she's amazing, she's helped me so much! She actually favourited my tweet in which I mentioned her yesterday, I was like aaaaaaayayay!

      Yes, self-love is important and that's why I am writing this, if I could change anything in the future, I'd be more than happy. xx

  5. You are absolutely stunning, Katarzyna! ♡ I love your pictures.

    To your blog post, as a skinny person, I've had the opposite issue my whole life: being told I need to eat more! Ive even been told that if the wind blows, I'll away. It's really hurtful!

    I agree with you: your weight and happiness is your own business! I would never judge someone based on their weight.

    You are beautiful and incredible. ♡♡ Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us readers. :)

  6. I feel like you should love yourself for who you are, no matter what size or shape you are. If you want to eat a tub of ice-cream or apples. You do you and love yourself. With that said, I still say you should take care of yourself. And I think that's the most important thing of all. Do what you want, but make sure you're taking care of yourself. I've starved myself without realizing it, I gained weight without realizing it. It's terrible. You have permission to love yourself now, and for whoever you will be in the future.

    I'm ranting, I'm so sorry <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

    1. I can't believe it took me so long to actually reply your comment, I'm so sorry! "You do you and love yourself." That's the best thing ever! You know what, here's to feeling good and loving yourself! Cause we deserve it. Thank you for your comment! <3