Eight photos of happiness.

How is your day going, guys? Good? I hope so! Today's song of the day is... The Weekend - Can't Feel My Face. It is the greatest one, I've heard it while listening to Dan and Phil's BBC radio programme and fell for it totally. You're welcome.

Soo, what happened today was a little research about stuff that I care about made me really down for a while. Like, I really, really, really care about it, will I ever afford the thing? I was so angry and down for a little while but then I went like: come on, you'll work hard, things will be fine. Just believe in yourself and you're halfway there.

And then I found a 8 Photos of Happiness tag on this lovely blog and I thought it was about time I did something like that, especially now when I am about to defend my dissertation, getting stressed again. So, here they are - eight photos of happiness in my life. They are not in any particular order to be honest. And I won't include people. I want these to be things, moments, because I'd have to include too many precious human beings (hahaha, okay, don't even lie about it, you've got like maybe one friend total).

1. Travelling! Okay, I don't travel as much as I should be, but it's actually money related. However, there are some things planned and I will be travelling, oh yes. :)

2. Sunsets and sunrises. This one's a sunset, can't really decide which ones I like better, sunrises are beautiful because it's really early and you can feel the fresh morning air and it's the new day that has just started, but there is something adorable about sunsets as well. I'll go with both, they're just as beautiful. 

3. Cats. They're such lovely fluffy creatures. When my cat comes up to me and purr my heart just melts into a huge puddle full of love for him. 

4. Makeup. I'm a girl, I like makeup. It gives you a great possibility to change your looks, to create certain image you want to show the world. Why not? 

5. Coffee! This Starbucks was great. I love coffee, I think my veins don't actually pump blood but caffeine if I'm being honest. 

6. Walking with friends. Adorable moment, Warsaw walk with Izzy. It's cool to chill, to see beautiful places you've never been to.

7. Beautiful giftcards. I got this one from a friend of mine and it's inspiring and basic and I am a huge fan of basic, simple things. It's the quote and beautiful work that matters, not fireworks going on. Though, I am thinking that I like glittery stuff as well. Oh God, my whole life is a lieeeeeee. 

8. Black and white photography of peaceful places. This one's a bridge I like. The picture is moody, just the way I like it.

So, I guess eight pictures is not too many, I mean, I could post many many more. That's good! I can see my life is not that miserable as I considered it to be if I could easily list more than eight pictures that make me feel happy, way to go!
Good news - my sister's working on my header and social media icons, so my blog will look pretty very soon, look forward to that. This post was so much fun, yay. I am so enjoying blogging. Staying here forever. Until the next time, beautiful people of the Internet! :)



  1. I LOVE your photos! I really want to travel haha Poland would be my first stop I think because I have family there :) Em xx

    1. Oh, really? Are they a close family? That's lovely. :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

  2. Beautiful post and photos! And it's great to see a Dan and Phil fan too :)

    Amani x

    1. If I'm being honest, I'm Dan and Phil trash, hahaha. The best people come from England, why is that so? :D

  3. This is such a genuine, lovely post. I really enjoyed reading it and looking at the beautiful, simple photos.
    Marianne :)

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your comment! xx