Kind of summerish make up of the day!

OHAI there! Looks like this is gonna be the very first proper blog post, yay! I'm slightly too excited for that because this is just showing my motd, no big deal. It's not gonna be a tutorial of any sort but it is like a little step-by-step blog post, let's see where it goes. 

I have to start with the fact that I'm still not feeling very comfortable about showing my face without any foundation or concealer on. I mean, as I am home in my little countryside family house, I don't mind it all that much and I'm surely not gonna do my makeup to then clean the house wearing it. But on the Internet it's a different story. Everyone's striving to be perfect nowadays. And if you're not perfect naturally and you try to cover your blemishes/ flaws with makeup, you might as well be called fake. I saw a very inspirational youtube video about it today. Basically, this bit is about acne (which I don't really have, these spots on my face are my fault as I nervously squeeze them and then scratch them but shhhush, I'm working on getting rid of this "habit"!) and about how people comment on people with skin problems. What is more, when they put makeup on, they're being accused of using too much of it and are called fake. I strongly disapprove of such behaviour. I was always laughed at because of my weight and I know how this influences one's confidence, but feeling worthless will surely be included in a separate blog post as this is one of these important matters I definitely feel like discussing later on. What I want to say now is that we're all beautiful in our own special way, no matter how cheesy/ cliché it souds. Be yourself and be as beautiful as you are! Now, enough chatter, let's get on with this makeup look. 

What you see first is, as mentioned, my face without any products on and then it's the picture in which I'm after putting on my foundation (a mix of Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H in Light Porcelain and Rimmel Stay Matte in Light Ivory) and powder which is a Polish brand (Wibo Fixing Powder) and I don't think you can get it anywhere, but it's basically a loose powder and it's really good so yeah. Oh, and by the way, I've run out of concealer so I'm currently using my Stay Matte foundation as it's a but thicker than the other one I have. I'm actually pleased with the effect. 

Then it's time for my cheeks and eyebrows. For the former, I used the I <3 Makeup Summer of Love bronzer and I am so in love with it. Honestly, this shimmery effect is perfect for summer. At least something on me is kind of bronze. I am literally the palest person on Earth I guess. And this bronzer's packing, my gosh is it beautiful! Anyway, moving on to my eyebrows, I used my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe. This is my favourite thing to fill my eyebrows with, I barely use this product as an eyeshadow, it's mainly for my eyebrows because I just adore this cool tone it gives. Oh, and I do apologize, in these pictures, probably cause of the lighting, my eyebrows look uneven, but they are equally dark! :)

Then it's the fun part - eyeshadows! I used my Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette (so in love with this one, honestly!) and my Technic Brights - the pink one is from this beauty; the rest, meaning all the bronze and shimmery shades, is from Iconic 3.  

And then, to finish this look and to add some more summerish vibes, it's lipstick time! This particular one is definitely among my favourites - Maybelline Color Whipser in Who Wore It Red-er. I just love it how soft this one is. Plus, this shade is absolutely gorgeous. It is, in fact, not really red but rich pink I'd say, but that's the perfect summerish colour. I'm so in love with how my lips look in these pictures! 

Oh, and the eyebrows again, I know they look kinda bald but they were okay, you gotta trust me on that one. :)) Also, my nose piercing area is kind of reddish but it's because of the fact I had my nose pierced around one and half months ago, so despite the fact it's almost completely healed I don't really wanna apply any products there yet.

Okay, let's take a moment and appreciate how gorgeous my lips are one last time, because why not? :)  

I have to say I'm really pleased with the overall effect. My lips look nice, the eyes are subtle and summerish, my bronzer looks SO summertime appropriate as well. Let's leave you with this happy little moment. See you guys later, thanks a bunch for reading, stay tuned as there will be more posts coming soon, byeee! :)


  1. Kochana Pani, muszę kiedyś do Pani przyjść na makijaż! Może w końcu ktoś nauczy mnie "Jak nie wydłubać sobie oka maskarą" :D


    1. Jak się pani sama tego nauczy. :D Przysięgam, zawsze sobie wkładam szczoteczkę do oka, meeeeh.

  2. Beautiful as always, Katarzyna!

    I agree with you. People nowadays are conditioned to expect an unrealistic goal of "flawless perfection". It's not healthy. And it encourages people to be ashamed of themselves. We are beautiful. With make up, or without. ♡

    1. Yes. Perfection is boring. Flaws makes us who we are. And we are pretty much beautiful! :)