I'm aliiive!

First things first, the official SOTD is Alive by Sia cause I'm in love! 
Second, I am so very sorry for my absence but I've been really, really busy with a lot of stuff that I will surely talk about soon! Also, I had no access to a working computer whatsoever. So, as you know/ or not, I am back in Poland after having spent two wonderful months in the UK. This was the best summer ever and I need to figure out how to tell you about it: I'd like to divide this adventure into three parts - makeup new-ins, clothes new-ins, and generally description of what sweet kind of time it all was. :) I just need a couple of days to organize it all and you know, my uni's already started so I need to figure it all out. For now I can surely tell you I am so glad I had the chance to live in a foreign country and I'm definitely doing the same thing again next summer! I'm feeling happier and more self-confident, that's for sure!

How have you all been? Have you all been missing me? I hope so! Anyway, I'm not leaving you with only an apology, so here you have some new selfies that I took a few days back. I hope you enjoy them and see you soon once I'm back with a makeup new-ins post!

Oh yeah, I don't think I mentioned I am a brunette again? So yeah, that happened as well. :D

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Body positivity, a cheeky OOTD, and vintage makeup! ❤︎

Hello everyone! How has your week been that far? I hope you've all been good! The official SOTD is Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy. Love this one, my blog title says it all. :)

Today, as the title suggest, I'd like to touch on something that has been bugging me for what feels like forever. Body shaming or rather body positivity as I want to focus on the good aspects and on how we should all love ourselves instead of getting the wrong idea.

I don't specifically like discussing such issues because everyone is opinionated in a way. You're either with me or against me. You are most likely to either think that all body types are beautiful and it's essential to love yourself or you claim that only skinny people are allowed to feel good in their skin. In which case you can leave my blog cause that's definitely not a view point that I'm gonna present or support. Now, just that we are absolutely clear here - I don't think that all skinny/ slim/ fit people are evil and they don't deserve happiness and they all should be gone blahblahblah. No. No. NO. Who I am going to be talking about are the people supporting the idea that fatter humans should either lose some weight or stop enjoying life. I've seen the worst on the Internet, and such points of view are not even on top of it all. And while some people are strong and find motivation is such bullshit talking, the others, including me, may get hurt, insecure, or even depressed cause that's how far it went in my case.

Why is body shaming socially acceptable? Why a skinny person eating ice cream/ pizza/ crisps/ whatever on their sofa while watching netflix is called cute and a fat person doing the same thing is considered lazy and gross? Why is that so, really?  What's the difference? If I decide to have a night with junk food, it doesn't necessarily mean that this is what I eat 24/7. And even if it like that, it's nobody's damn business. And don't you even try to start a but your health, lose some weight to stay healthy conversation with me. We're in absolutely no position to decide whether someone should change anything in their lifestyle or not. Even for the sake of their health. If you start talking like that to anybody, I can assure you it's gonna go down bad. It's gonna be the exact opposite of what you intend it to be. So please, stop. You're in no position. No.

Now, there's also a really common argument. Namely but it's not attractive at all, lose some weight so that the boys/girls will find you hot. Seriously? Well, first of all, who are we to speak for everyone? My idea of attractiveness may be a green haired, brown eyed, big lipped, tattooed all over type. And you don't necessarily have to enjoy these features. Repeat after me - the beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Period. And apart from that, what does the idea of attractiveness has to do with basic human interactions? Do we really have to find one another attractive to simply respect and be respected? I have so many friends that are not the example of the mass media idea of beauty and we're all freaking great and beautiful! Having good time. Guess what, there's no one right and universal idea of beauty. We're all gorgeous. Remember that, especially you, the person reading this, you're beautiful. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise or I'll get them!

I get a bit too emotional writing such posts but as a fatter person who's been laughed at her whole life I feel sensitive about this topic. I mean, I kind of get over it but it makes me sad there are young girls who, because of this stupid societal idea of beauty, think they're worthless. It breaks my heart because I've been there, I really have. It hurt. It made me avoid any parties or occasions of any sort because I just couldn't stop thinking of how awful I am and how I don't deserve to love myself. And guess what? The Internet has helped me a great deal. So, if you're struggling, here are some links to beautiful powerful people:

I swear, she's the most cheerful person in the world, it's thanks to her that I wear skirts and dresses and rock them pretty much. She's clearly helped me in fighting my hatemyself attitude. She's a queen!

Loey Lane.
She's the sweetest person in the world. As Sprinkleofglitter, she promotes self-love and confidence. It's important. She's a beautiful soul!

If you don't know her, go watch her tumblr. Seeing here gorgeous makeup skills, pretty face, and how confident and lovely she is is definitely the thing that's missing in your life!

Same story, basically. She's one sweet soul and her outfits are bomb! Her askbox is open and her replies make my heart melt!

So here you have it, your daily dose of self-love in case you need it. :) And now, to end it on an even happier note, let's watch my first lookbook ever! This is not anything specific, I didn't really accessorise since it was v hot yesterday, but here you have it, my kinda vintage look. Oh, I can only tell you that I bought this skirt in New Yorker, I got the shoes from my aunt so I don't know the brand, and the black top is from a local store but, honestly, any black top will do. :)

The sun was beautiful!

Same story. Beautiful sun ft. my perfect outfit and hair. ;)
This place might be my favourite!

Trying to be artistic. ;)

Obligatory sassy pose!

Some more serious modelling! :P

A selfie with Karolina cause she's gorgeous! Looook at my hair, it's her job! <3

Can we take a moment to appreciate the pure perfection of my vintage makeup?

And one more cause my liner looks too cool not to brag about it! 

So there you have it, that's the whole post. Wow, kinda long, huh? But really, despite it being extended, I don't think I've covered all the issues that matter, I'll go back to this topic soon so don't start saying 'eeeh, what about the fact that you don't need any boy or girl to validate you?'. True, I just kind of wasn't able to write about everything all at once. We'll get there, if you want to. :)
So, anyway, just to make sure we're all getting the right picture here:
1) We're all beautiful! All body types are cool, okay?
2) Respecting one another doesn't hurt and is really, really, really cool!
3) Loving yourself does not exclude loving others!
4) Did I mention you're beautiful? ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ 

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~ Twenty-five random facts about me ~

Okay, so on my previous blog (which you don't have to and definitely don't want to see), I did a Fifty facts about me tag but it was kinda lousy like I felt I was trying too hard. But today I felt like "hey, why not do the same on this very blog, why not show some random things about me that nobody's interested at?" again. Fifty seemed too many, so twenty-five it is. Now, I could film a video, I'm even considering creating my own youtube channel but I'm kinda scared. We'll see, let's stick to this form of getting to know me, shall we?

1. So, my first fact is that I'm left-handed. Not that it's especially important to me, it's just the first fact that comes to my head. I mean, you know my name, so being left-handed as a first fact it is. It used to bother me a little bit but as Dan Howell's lefty as well, I like to think that I'm in the cool left-handed people squad. LOLZOR.
2. The fact number one leads to this one - my favourite youtubers are Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Louise Pentland, Jack Howard, and Loey Lane. They truly influenced my life, the fact I am writing this blog is partly their *eheeem* fault?
3. I don't like the colour green. Waaaait, shush, before you all actually manage to kill me, let me explain that. I love the green nature - leaves, grass, trees, plants but the green on clothes, walls... ugh, nopenopenope. NOPE. I also don't like green makeup but it's not a big deal as it wouldn't do good to my eyes and everything anyway.
4. I can speak Polish (obviously), English, Russian (привет, меня зовут Екатерина, мне 22 года, я из Польши, это мой блог, добро пожаловать!), and I have some basics at French and German. I'd love to know Spanish, it's a gorgeous language!
5. I absolutely cannot sing, yet when it's my favourite song, I'm gonna sing, like it or not.
6. I am obsessed with handwriting! I love writing and receiving letters, I just think it's a very personal way of sharing your thoughts.
7. I have never been in love, actually. What am I missing out on? ;)
8. I am a 100% cat person, stating that once and for all. I don't hate dogs or anything, I'm only damn scared of them as one bit me when I was 12. Now I have a big reminder of how much dogs terrify me in the form of a scar on my left calf.
9. I am not a party person at all. After each and every party I am feeling bad about how much I don't socialize and how I don't get on with people during parties. I don't know, I just feel so out of place.  That sucks and gives me anxiety, I'd much rather go to a concert, cinema, whatever.
10. I am clumsy. If I don't spill my coffee while carrying the cup, I'll 100% sure do it while putting in on the table. I am useless at doing anything that requires any manual skills. Yes, I am handicapped.
11. I am also musically handicapped. I can't play anything, my fingers will just become stiff and meh. That sounds weird, ohhh.
12. A lot of people tell me they didn't expect my voice to sound the way it sounds when they hear me talk, they also say it doesn't match the "whole of me". Okay, I guess that's true.
13. I am addicted to music. Like it's a common thing, right? A lot of people cannot imagine a day without music. So yes, my mood gets awful whenever I have to survive a day without my favourite songs. I like almost all genres, but my favs are rock related.
14. I have one sister, who is three years older than me, and a brother, he's four years younger.
15. If you ever ask me whether I watched a given film or not, the most likely answer from me is 'no' cause I don't like watching films by myself and I have no friends. | sad music in the background |
16. BUT if I like something, I'm gonna watch it a million times and obsess over it til everyone hates me. That's how hardcore I am.
17. I love strawberries, mango, bananas, and blueberries. And I actually like tomato juice. Everyone in the world seems to hate it, I find it really yummy!
18. My favourite colours are black, blue, baby pink, white, and grey.
19. Speaking of colours, I am a very black or white person (haha you're hilarious!) But seriously, I am either insanely happy or sad. I am working on it but it's not likely to change anytime soon.
20. If someone calls me from a blocked number, I won't answer the call, I just won't make myself do it.
21. I will never willingly watch or read Fifty Shades of Gray, I find this book and film and all the hype extremely off-putting. I don't want to offend anyone, but to me this book is just plain stupid and I won't damage myself by reading it/ watching the movie. No. You can hate me now.
22. My favourite TV series are Sherlock and Criminal Minds. LOVELOVELOVE. 
23. My thumbs are too fat and I spend twenty hours a day correcting my typos before I post anything.
24. I don't know what's the exact colour of my eyes. Sometimes they're grey, sometimes blue, sometimes green. Meh.
25. And last but not least - I can't drive, I don't think the world will be a safe place once I attempt at driving. :P

So there you have it, twenty-five facts about me that will absolutely change your life. But in all seriousness, it was a fun blog post to write and so I'd love to read +Amani Carson , +Emma Murray , and everyone who feels like writing this version of this post. Feel free to recreate this, I'd love to see someone interacting with me, actually! :D
Oh, I almost forgot! Today's SOTD is Honey Whiskey by Nothing But Thieves. I kid you not, they're brilliant! Go check them out! Once you do that, a tiny kitty cat is born. You do want there to be more fluffy kitties, right?

Stay beautiful,
Kasia xx

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Taking selfies, graduating, and being sushi plebs!

Guys, I'm literally melting now! It's 32C/90F and I can't cope. Kasia, maybe if you'd stop wearing only black clothes? Nah, I can't compromise on my aesthetics (thanks Dan Howell, for teaching me the real lesson here!), gotta stay in black. Well, anyway, as I can stay at home it's not that much of an issue. I mean, it's still hot but at least I am not gonna get sunburnt, so well, let it be. There are literally so many things to talk about, I have been so lazy lately so I didn't post anything and now I've got thousands ideas and I'm not sure.. where do I begin? Well, let's just start from stating that today's SOTD is Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan. This is so mindblowingy beautiful, I can't even express how much I love this piece. 

Now, getting to the point (is there any?), what happened on the 13th of July was my graduation! YAY. Like, seriously, yaaaaaaaaaaay. I am now officially an English-Russian applied linguistics graduate and I've got my bachelor's degree. This is cool, really, really cool. I can remember the second year when I had to wake up at 4 am cause my classes were starting at 7:30 am and as I was commuting by train, I had to wake up earlier than everybody. Not only that, my classes were ending at 6 pm and my train back home was at 8 pm, I was home around 9 pm, so go figure. I couldn't really afford renting a flat, so commuting by train it was. And honestly, I wanted to quit like million times, but somehow I made it. I cannot even imagine how happy I am that I managed to graduate. So now I'm supposed to be good at English and Russian, well, mission accomplished? ;)

Well, anyway, we didn't really have any ceremonies or anything like that, I suppose that's a real thing after you've obtained your master's degree, but my little partying thing begins today - bonfires and drinking and being slightly too enthusiastic, let it start, it's gonna be fab. Oh dear, I don't even know what this blog post is about, I'm getting rambly again, aren't I? Anyway, there are some photos I wanted to include in this note and if you like pictures as much as I do, stay here, cause there are plenty of fine bits from the last two weeks coming:

Apart from this one, it's actually vvv old, like three years old, I guess. Cliché pretty much, but I like it.
This is the kind of makeup I did a couple of days ago, I was thinking of something sweet and summerish, I don't know whether I succeeded or not. Tell me guys if I did or didn't? :) 

Same makeup, a different, supposedly kinda romantic, pose which is not my best one I guess, ouch!
Okay, so yesterday me, my brother, Karolina, and her brother went to the city and I tried sushi for the v first time. It was tasty, even though we ordered takeaway and ate it in K's car with our hands like some sushi plebs, haha! 

And going to the city also meant buying stuff. I knew I couldn't spend money as I am going to the UK soon and thus I need cash but this one was really cheap, plus you just cannot not buy another black tshirt, as I said before - aesthetics!
Yesterday's makeup, I did a good job here, I have to admit! I love how my cheeks look, my eyes are pretty summerish if you ask me, a cool look on me I'd say. What do you think?
Same makeup, a slightly different pose. I love my nose piercing, aaah!
I took it yesterday while Karolina was driving. I was feeling kinda cool, cause my cousin, Szymon, who is fifteen by the way, got into P!ATD, FOB, BMTH, AM and so we were driving back home and singing Uma Thurman or Do I wanna know?, just how awesome is that?  

Just a rose in my aunt's garden that I found particularly interesting, I took this the evening before defending my dissertation, I was SO scared. 

Some artistic Oreos to brighten your day perhaps? ;)

Took this while walking by the Brda river in Bydgoszcz. This building is actually our Opera Nova. It looks lovely, imho. 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the taste of victory! That's the coffee I had after having graduated, it's called Cookies and it's v yummy!

So there you have it, the things that have been keeping me busy for the last couple of days. Summing up, I am extremely happy that I finally graduated. I am also a bit scared about my going to England but it, too, should be all cool and I'll be amazed and happy about how I can listen to the real English and all. Tell me, guys, that it's gonna be that way! Also, one thing always bothers me - using all these abbreviations, such as or imho or btw. Do you mind it? If any of you follows me on Twitter or Tumblr, you definitely know that's how I write most of the time, I don't even use capitals letters. As I started writing a blog, I figured out (with a little help from Izzy!) that this blog is serious business and therefore I should keep it as grammatically correct as possible, but I'd like to know if you guys mind these abbreviations. I like using them from time to time cause it sounds more like me and I'd like to have a certain style of writing. I don't know, let me know, please. Hope you enjoyed this blog post! 

Stay beautiful,
Kasia xx

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My favourite feelings!

Thank you, Phil Lester, for making me discover an incredibly talented person; today's SOTD is Cornelia - Cruising. And if I'm being absolutely honest, this song is golden. What I like the most about this piece (apart from the fab voice of the singer!) is the lyrics. I could tattoo some bits, feeling them, just saying. So yes, thanks a lot, Phil. Twitter really is a cool thing!
Now, can I just do something typically Polish and complain? What is this summer even about? I mean, two days ago it was hot, like, 30C-35C hot. And now it's 20C, BUT windy as heck and it's raining every twenty minutes. I'm feeling so cooooold. I mean, I wasn't particularly enjoying the heat but come on, weather, you can't just change like that! If the temperature dropped to like 20C AND it wasn't raining, I wouldn't say anything, no complaining, promise. Well, you can't have everything in life, can you? 

Now, coming to the real point of this blog post, a while ago I saw this video and yesterday the lovely AmaniLyrical reminded me of the tag I'm just about to do. And namely, it's, guessing by the title and the picture, My favourite feelings tag. As everyone lists fifteen of them, I'll do the same. I think it's important to take some time and think about the little things that make me happy, for if I recognize them, I may use this knowledge to my advantage in the future once having a bad day(not at all every second day, naah). Let's go! 

1. When my kitty comes up to me in the morning and starts purring. I freaking love cats, so when my little bundle of joy (yes, I just called my cat a bundle of joy) decides he wants to spend some time with me, I'm the happiest. You see, it's not that easy with him, he'd much rather bite my ankles than purr and be a little loving creature. But I love him anyway.

2. When my favourite song comes on, I'm like: 

And when you're around me when that happens, run, I warn you, run, cause crazy things are about to take place. I can't sing, I can't dance and I look like I'm having a stroke, but I don't care. When it's my jam, it's my jam and some wild dancing and singing will occur. You don't necessarily want to be anywhere near me. Oh, Uma Thurman's playing and I'm like! (sorry for copy pasting these memes but they really match it all so perfectly!)

3. When my makeup is on point! I've been doing my makeup, let's call it more seriously, for three years now and it's still a miracle when I don't stab myself in the eyeball with my mascara, so when everything goes right, I'm freaking ecstatic! 

4. Are these feelings or moments? Well, anyway, number four is the evening after a very tiring day when I can watch the sunset, talk to people, check tumblr, twitter, do the little things I love without feeling guilty of wasting loads of time. 
5. Getting a good grade. I'm almost over with uni now, but during these three years I studied a freaking lot, so being somehow rewarded is a fantastic feeling.

This is my Russian finals grade; five is the best you can get, feeling pretty proud. 

6. When I study English/ Russian/ whatever and I finally understand what's the exact point of the thing that absorbs me. The Oh I get it now moment when suddenly everything clicks and I'm like:


7. When I receive letters or beautiful gift cards from the people I love. Me and my best friend have this thing that we write each other letters and later on we exchange them. I love handwriting so yes, that's a cool feeling. 

8. When I bake a cake and it turns out delicious! This one in the picture was made according to Tanya Burr's recipe and oh boy, was it tasty!

9. When I find a person who understands my weird sense of humour and then we're having all the bants together! Always having bants, the only thing worth having. 

10. When I buy a new candle, then burn it and then the whole room smells lovely. 

11. When I get some vintage, unique items of jewellery I feel so original. Kinda like this feeling. I got the one with amber from my grandma and it's about 15 years older than me which I find very cool, personally. 

12. When someone tells me they enjoy my insta/ tumblr/ twitter/ blog. Thank you, I love this feeling. This is lovely, I mean, to know that somebody likes what I write or the photos I take. Yes, please. <3

13. When you wait so long for your favourite band's new album and it's finally released. It happened to me a while ago when I first listened to Drones by Muse and Younger Dreams by Our Last Night. Don't you ever leave me, feeling. <3

14. When I can sleep as long as I need to and I don't have to wake up at 4:30 am. Thanks second year at uni.

15. And last but not least, some youtubers/ musicians favourite my tweet, reply to my comments!

Well, that was fun, I hope you'll find it as entertaining as I do. I'm defending my dissertation tomorrow, so I'll definitely let you know how it went. I'm really scared cause oral exams/ giving speeches are this very thing I hate the most in the world but everyone says it's the formal thing to do so I hope they're right! Also, feel free to do this tag, and once you do, make sure you let me know cause that would be lovely to get to know you better. :)

Stay beautiful,
Kasia xx


Eight photos of happiness.

How is your day going, guys? Good? I hope so! Today's song of the day is... The Weekend - Can't Feel My Face. It is the greatest one, I've heard it while listening to Dan and Phil's BBC radio programme and fell for it totally. You're welcome.

Soo, what happened today was a little research about stuff that I care about made me really down for a while. Like, I really, really, really care about it, will I ever afford the thing? I was so angry and down for a little while but then I went like: come on, you'll work hard, things will be fine. Just believe in yourself and you're halfway there.

And then I found a 8 Photos of Happiness tag on this lovely blog and I thought it was about time I did something like that, especially now when I am about to defend my dissertation, getting stressed again. So, here they are - eight photos of happiness in my life. They are not in any particular order to be honest. And I won't include people. I want these to be things, moments, because I'd have to include too many precious human beings (hahaha, okay, don't even lie about it, you've got like maybe one friend total).

1. Travelling! Okay, I don't travel as much as I should be, but it's actually money related. However, there are some things planned and I will be travelling, oh yes. :)

2. Sunsets and sunrises. This one's a sunset, can't really decide which ones I like better, sunrises are beautiful because it's really early and you can feel the fresh morning air and it's the new day that has just started, but there is something adorable about sunsets as well. I'll go with both, they're just as beautiful. 

3. Cats. They're such lovely fluffy creatures. When my cat comes up to me and purr my heart just melts into a huge puddle full of love for him. 

4. Makeup. I'm a girl, I like makeup. It gives you a great possibility to change your looks, to create certain image you want to show the world. Why not? 

5. Coffee! This Starbucks was great. I love coffee, I think my veins don't actually pump blood but caffeine if I'm being honest. 

6. Walking with friends. Adorable moment, Warsaw walk with Izzy. It's cool to chill, to see beautiful places you've never been to.

7. Beautiful giftcards. I got this one from a friend of mine and it's inspiring and basic and I am a huge fan of basic, simple things. It's the quote and beautiful work that matters, not fireworks going on. Though, I am thinking that I like glittery stuff as well. Oh God, my whole life is a lieeeeeee. 

8. Black and white photography of peaceful places. This one's a bridge I like. The picture is moody, just the way I like it.

So, I guess eight pictures is not too many, I mean, I could post many many more. That's good! I can see my life is not that miserable as I considered it to be if I could easily list more than eight pictures that make me feel happy, way to go!
Good news - my sister's working on my header and social media icons, so my blog will look pretty very soon, look forward to that. This post was so much fun, yay. I am so enjoying blogging. Staying here forever. Until the next time, beautiful people of the Internet! :)



Dreams, decisions, instagram posts.

Hey there! I'm currently obsessed with AlunaGeorge - Attracting Flies, so let that one be an official song of the day on my blog cause it's brilliant. I'm leaving this to be a real thing on here. A song of the day each time I post something.

Soo, starting the very point of this blog post - my dreams are huge. I cannot even think about them without getting slightly too scared. Here's the thing - in my mind I feel like I so deserve to have great things going on in my life, I just do. But as a person who's been constantly put down by the others, I've lost all my confidence and as much as I know I DESERVE good moments, I am also too scared and self conscious to actually believe I'm gonna achieve something in life. It's not the hard work and the things I'd have to give up for the time being that I am so afraid of, hell no, I am really willing to work hard. It's the important decisions like whether to do a master's degree (and waste another two years of my life as well) or just give it up and stay with my bachelor's degree. Let's face it, I don't really think a master's degree in English-Russian applied linguistics will be something crucial in England and that is really where I want to be eventually.

I also don't feel the idea of being patriotic and staying in Poland. It's not the typical Polish situation here either. The truth is I am going to the UK this summer to make money, yes. But I am not a stereotypical Polish person who lives and works in England, sending all the money they make there to Poland, getting benefits in England and in Poland at the same time, not having any bloody idea what English is. I do know the English language. I know how to talk, I've always loved English, it's been my favourite subject ever since I started school. I love the ability of reading books or watching films without needing the translation. It's also cool to know what all the songs are about, helpfulhelpful. So I do speak English pretty well if you ask me, British youtubers helped me quite a lot, too. But anyway, I reckon this master's degree I am supposed to be doing is not really something essential. Besides, the main thing that uni did for me was giving me more anxiety and making me feel more and more depressed. I'm not even joking, applied linguistics is a really demanding faculty. I know thanks to having studied this one I'm kind of fluent in two languages, but still. Knowing how bad all this makes me feel, why would I even do it to myself, consciously? I mean, let's see how my English summer is and then it's decision time. But for now I don't really wanna force myself into doing this master's degree. I feel like it's gonna be a waste of time I could be already spending doing something that makes me closer to fulfilling my dreams.

And what are these exactly? I just want to be happy. Oh yes, what a cliché. But really, that's all I want. The things that make me happy are taking pictures, writing this, experimenting with my looks (thinking about dyeing my hair darker again, actually!), watching youtube videos. Why not create my own channel? It could be so much fun. I truly see how all my favourite people of youtube grow as a person (I mean, not as a one person obv :D). Plus, they've helped me so much, I wish I could have such influence on somebody's mood. I have things to say, I love photography. Let's see where it's heading. I don't wanna miss out on opportunities and I definitely do not want to force myself into doing anything I don't feel like doing. It's my life and I've spent the most of it pleasing others and feeling more and more anxious. Getting so shy. I want to open up, I want to feel good. Let's see how it goes, let's try, shall we?

Oh wow, it's been quite a rambly, long blog post, hasn't it? I feel like a yt video would've been a lot longer though, I'm really in a mood, I could talk and talk and talk, I'm so feeling this topic, I will actually consider having my youtube channel later. Soo, let's just end this post with some Instagram pictures I took. I edited them with VSCO filters. I hope you've enjoyed reading that. If you have (or not), please, leave a comment. Do you have any important decisions to make? Do you feel like it's time to change some things in your life? Let me know and see you next time! Bye! :)

Warsaw picture, enjoying walking around the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw with Izzy. :)

Another Warsaw picture, Izzy's favourite spot. I loved it pretty much, too, if you ask me. 

Bydgoszcz, by the Brda river, next to the best spot in the whole city - Mill Island. 

My bro is the best bro in the world cause he made this juice for me, love you! This one's nectarine, apple, banana and grapefruit. Yumm!

At my grandma's, I love photographing flowers. 

Herrrbs, salvia. A cool plant to take pictures of.