My favourite feelings!

Thank you, Phil Lester, for making me discover an incredibly talented person; today's SOTD is Cornelia - Cruising. And if I'm being absolutely honest, this song is golden. What I like the most about this piece (apart from the fab voice of the singer!) is the lyrics. I could tattoo some bits, feeling them, just saying. So yes, thanks a lot, Phil. Twitter really is a cool thing!
Now, can I just do something typically Polish and complain? What is this summer even about? I mean, two days ago it was hot, like, 30C-35C hot. And now it's 20C, BUT windy as heck and it's raining every twenty minutes. I'm feeling so cooooold. I mean, I wasn't particularly enjoying the heat but come on, weather, you can't just change like that! If the temperature dropped to like 20C AND it wasn't raining, I wouldn't say anything, no complaining, promise. Well, you can't have everything in life, can you? 

Now, coming to the real point of this blog post, a while ago I saw this video and yesterday the lovely AmaniLyrical reminded me of the tag I'm just about to do. And namely, it's, guessing by the title and the picture, My favourite feelings tag. As everyone lists fifteen of them, I'll do the same. I think it's important to take some time and think about the little things that make me happy, for if I recognize them, I may use this knowledge to my advantage in the future once having a bad day(not at all every second day, naah). Let's go! 

1. When my kitty comes up to me in the morning and starts purring. I freaking love cats, so when my little bundle of joy (yes, I just called my cat a bundle of joy) decides he wants to spend some time with me, I'm the happiest. You see, it's not that easy with him, he'd much rather bite my ankles than purr and be a little loving creature. But I love him anyway.

2. When my favourite song comes on, I'm like: 

And when you're around me when that happens, run, I warn you, run, cause crazy things are about to take place. I can't sing, I can't dance and I look like I'm having a stroke, but I don't care. When it's my jam, it's my jam and some wild dancing and singing will occur. You don't necessarily want to be anywhere near me. Oh, Uma Thurman's playing and I'm like! (sorry for copy pasting these memes but they really match it all so perfectly!)

3. When my makeup is on point! I've been doing my makeup, let's call it more seriously, for three years now and it's still a miracle when I don't stab myself in the eyeball with my mascara, so when everything goes right, I'm freaking ecstatic! 

4. Are these feelings or moments? Well, anyway, number four is the evening after a very tiring day when I can watch the sunset, talk to people, check tumblr, twitter, do the little things I love without feeling guilty of wasting loads of time. 
5. Getting a good grade. I'm almost over with uni now, but during these three years I studied a freaking lot, so being somehow rewarded is a fantastic feeling.

This is my Russian finals grade; five is the best you can get, feeling pretty proud. 

6. When I study English/ Russian/ whatever and I finally understand what's the exact point of the thing that absorbs me. The Oh I get it now moment when suddenly everything clicks and I'm like:


7. When I receive letters or beautiful gift cards from the people I love. Me and my best friend have this thing that we write each other letters and later on we exchange them. I love handwriting so yes, that's a cool feeling. 

8. When I bake a cake and it turns out delicious! This one in the picture was made according to Tanya Burr's recipe and oh boy, was it tasty!

9. When I find a person who understands my weird sense of humour and then we're having all the bants together! Always having bants, the only thing worth having. 

10. When I buy a new candle, then burn it and then the whole room smells lovely. 

11. When I get some vintage, unique items of jewellery I feel so original. Kinda like this feeling. I got the one with amber from my grandma and it's about 15 years older than me which I find very cool, personally. 

12. When someone tells me they enjoy my insta/ tumblr/ twitter/ blog. Thank you, I love this feeling. This is lovely, I mean, to know that somebody likes what I write or the photos I take. Yes, please. <3

13. When you wait so long for your favourite band's new album and it's finally released. It happened to me a while ago when I first listened to Drones by Muse and Younger Dreams by Our Last Night. Don't you ever leave me, feeling. <3

14. When I can sleep as long as I need to and I don't have to wake up at 4:30 am. Thanks second year at uni.

15. And last but not least, some youtubers/ musicians favourite my tweet, reply to my comments!

Well, that was fun, I hope you'll find it as entertaining as I do. I'm defending my dissertation tomorrow, so I'll definitely let you know how it went. I'm really scared cause oral exams/ giving speeches are this very thing I hate the most in the world but everyone says it's the formal thing to do so I hope they're right! Also, feel free to do this tag, and once you do, make sure you let me know cause that would be lovely to get to know you better. :)

Stay beautiful,
Kasia xx


  1. Lovely list, I can relate to most of them :) I love your photos so much as well!

    Amani xx