Hello world!

I don't even know what my life is about. I discovered the joys of twitter and have been posting lots of trashy stuff about my feelings, studies, plans. So twitter is good in helping you define your traits and what your life is. At the very least, that's what I like to think about it. If twitter can't help you, what can?   

I don't expect this blog to be anything in particular - I'll be adding my makeup of the day, my thoughts on many important matters, the reasons why I am socially awkward, the things I love and the ones that make me angry the most in the world, my plans and hopes, good music that I always get to know about from my lovely friend, Izzy (seriously, she's got the best music taste in the world), cool people (a lot of Izzy here as well). I don't know if there's anything particular that this blog is going to be about but I'm ready for the journey, bring it on!

Since it's the very first blog post, I guess it would be cool to introduce myself a bit, so let me google some questionnaires.<serious googling>

So, this is my face. I chose this first one cause I look cute (don't I?) and this Starbucks moment with Izzy because this was such a perfect thing to capture, best memory ever.  
And now, let's answer some questions, shall we?

  • Name: Kasia/ Kate/ Катя 
  • Country: Poland
  • Age: I'm a dinosaur, 22
  • Nickname: I don't think I have any
  • Height: 5'6/ 168cm
  • Relationship status: single 
  • BirthdayNovember 29th
  • Favorite colour: blue, black, and turquoise 
  • Favorite singer/band: Fall Out Boy but there are million others
  • Last song listened: "Naive" by The Kooks
  • Last movie watchedKill Bill 2
  • Favorite book: "Men who hate women" by Stieg Larsson 
  • Last book read: can't remember really. I started reading "The fault in our stars" in Russian quite some time ago but then I watched the movie and didn't want to feel that miserable again so I didn't really finish this one. I'm currently reading "Paper towns"
  • Alarm clock sound: some crappy LG default one 
  • Currently reading: oh, "Paper towns"
  • # of siblings: two
  • # of pets: two dogs and a cat
  • Best school subject: it's always been English
  • Cell phone type: LG L65? Something like that if I'm right
  • Current shirt colour: pink
  • Gamer?: I love watching letsplays but I don't really play any games myself. Well sometimes I do, and it's gotta be Mario or The Sims 
  • Day or night?: depends on my mood but I would say day? Nights are so depressing sometimes idek 
  • Summer or winter?it's actually winter :D
  • Most-visited website?: youtube? twitter? tumblr? 
  • Celebrity crushes: I'd rather say youtube crushes, I don't wanna feel thirteen years old but it's gotta be Dan Howell.. 
Honestly, this blog needs a lot of hard work but I'm ready for it. I've always enjoyed English and writing, so I guess it's going to be a cool adventure. I'm excited! Thank each and every one of you for reading this! :)


  1. Me, best taste in music? You're flattering me :) I'm excited for this journey too, glad to have a front row sit for the ride!

  2. I'm with you on your celebrity crush hahah xx